Livno Wild Horses and their History

Origins of the wild horses in Livno are firmly associated with the influence of man. It all started with the working horses which were used in agricultural production. When the horses were replaced by tractors, their owners released them free instead of selling or killing them. In the middle of the economic and war-influenced migrations, people were leaving their homes and their livestock. Luckily, the army released them into the nature. Shortly after the war, the number of horses came down to minimum - around fifty, but it eventually increased to two hundred in 2010, when they were protected by law. In the last seven or eight years, their number multiplied. Today, there are around five or six hundred wild horses around.

It is also important to mention that, because of the generation shift, the horses inhabiting Kruzi now are completely wild animals.

Plateau Kruzi is a home to the wild horses. Plateau Kruzi occupies a huge area of 150 km2. Height of the area is about 1200 m above sea level. On the north side of plateau, mountain Cincar is located, with 2006 m in altitude. In the east you can find mountain pass Borova glava and the Šuica field, in the west you can find Glamoč field, and Livno field is located in the south.

These vast grasslands and high mountain tops are ideal for them. Food (pasture) is abundant, and it is also important to mention that the area is constantly windy so in the most cases the wind carries the snow away. That is very important for the courses because the snow would make the pasture inaccessible. Because of the weather conditions, horses often “get into clouds” and thus avoid rainfall.

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